Life at Ecopolitan

Life at Ecopolitan

In cities like Paris, London, Rome, or Barcelona, residents leave their front door to find everything they need in a safe, delightful environment, just steps away. Ecopolitan offers this same recipe for health, happiness, and livability in Pune.

Residents can walk out their doors to find safe, beautiful, tree-lined streets leading to nearby shops, services, parks, and plazas. They will greet friends and neighbours on the way. They

can walk a short block to drop children at school. Grandparents, caregivers and children can spend days in the neighbourhood without having to travel across the city to reach shops, cafes, playgrounds, and open spaces. Unlike other new developments in Pune, at Ecopolitan there is no need for residents to fight traffic or ride crowded buses to meet most of their daily needs.

Many Ecopolitan residents will prefer to drive to work. But when they arrive home they will find a restful and healthy place. This is a neighbourhood that makes life easier, one that provides plenty of opportunities for families and neighbours to connect in public. Here, you will enjoy the pleasures of the world’s happiest neighbourhoods.

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