Ecological construction and building designs play a crucial role in providing an environment for a sustainable, healthy and convenient lifestyle. Right from using low impact architecture to renewable materials to eco-friendly maintenance facilities, Ecopolitan is an endeavour to recreate the long lost synergy between civilization and Mother Nature.

Eco-friendly methods that have been adapted in this project include:

  • Use of ready mix concrete
  • In-site production of precast panels
  • Use of local materials within close proximity of the site
  • Use of compost manures and processed garbage waste for landscaping purposes
  • Proper garbage disposal systems

1. Sustainable site management

  • Appropriate measures have been adopted during construction to prevent air, water and land pollution.
  • Top soil on site shall be preserved and reused as much as possible
  • The existing trees on site will be retained and transplanted
  • 37% green Spaces have been planned with 10 % green areas on virgin ground
  • Landscaping is done using native and mostly drought tolerant species to preserve local biodiversity

2. Water conservation

  • Use of low flow fixtures to save 50% fresh water
  • Water efficient landscape irrigation using micro sprinkler and drip irrigation
  • Rain water harvesting system
  • Water savings during construction due to advanced construction technology – precast structure

3. Solid waste management

  • Efficient waste segregation and handling during construction
  • Efficient waste management during post occupancy
  • Dry waste to be handled through local scrap dealers
  • 100% on-site organic waste management to generate manure on site that can be used for landscaping

4. Energy efficiency design

  • Designed with climate responsive strategies to ensure solar shading, daylight and indoor air quality to provide better thermal and visual comfort
  • Optimum day-lighting in habitable spaces to reduce use of electricity for artificial lighting, thereby energy bills
  • Low-embodied energy construction and eco-friendly materials for building construction
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures like CFL, T5, and LED for common areas
  • Solar water heating system
  • Outdoor lighting with automated controls lighting fixtures and mostly LED based external lighting

5. Socially responsible design

  • Low VOC finishes and paints
  • Effective provisions to ensure good health, sanitation and safety facilities for workers during construction.
  • Universal design for physically challenged users
  • No Smoking zones in all common areas of the building premises, especially in children playing areas
  • Green Manual for operation and maintenance of the project to be issued to every resident post hand-over
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