The project comprises one Residential Tower and one commercial building adjacent to the highway.

The tower within a phase is connected by an intricate network of pathways and walkways present on an internal landscaped open space. The tower has a single core which connects six units. These six units comprise of 2bhk apartments.


A contemporary modern architectural style of design with state-of-the-art construction techniques and features has been adopted, the USP and concept of which is to stride away from the mundane designs, and to conceive and create a whole new experience with respect to the lifestyle, usability and aesthetics for the end users.

In order to achieve the same we have placed the blocks at alternate angles which has made the design more porous and helped in creating more pockets for open spaces. This has allowed us to gain maximum natural light penetration and ventilation and thus maintained a higher degree of privacy.

Construction Technology

The complete project is to be constructed in precast construction technology. The structures will have a superior quality of finishing that is long lasting and sturdy in spite of being free of protruding columns and minimum beams. The greatest advantage is the amount of detailing that has been put into the design and facilities within the apartment.

The precast concrete panels will enhance the elevation of the structures to great levels. The niches and open pockets created due to the angular placement of the building blocks will further more contribute to the aesthetics of the complete project. The architectural features of the individual buildings combined together to form the whole architecture of the project will make a grand statement on the neighbourhood areas and the city as well. The unique facade treatment, fenestration details, double heighted lobby areas which provide a grand entrance and will also be the most outstanding feature of the project.

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